Shelter Construction

The structural frameworks of PlastiPanel shelters utilize only the strongest materials . Our products were thoroughly tested by Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and also have structural engineering approval in several states to meet their tough snow demands above 7,000+ft elevations.

Structural Integrity

We offer strong, freestanding and lightweight utility meter shelters. They are comprised of resilient, non-corrosive materials that last for decades in the field.


PlastiPanel shelters are not only strong and durable, but aesthetically pleasing as well. The DGS are designed efficiently, making them extremely compact. The Structural framework of each shelter can be painted to match the color of the HDPE roof. 


Each shelter regardless of the model benefits from PlastiPanel's high-density polyethylene plastics. Formal testing has proven resilience against snow & ice impacts in excess of 4,000lbs!


Our snow shelter "nets" serve as a front cover that are able to withstand buildups & encroachments of snow. In addition the design allows for proper ventilation for the gas meter & regulator. Our nets are fully removable.

 Impact Analysis

Impact tests were performed to investigate the integrity of each shelter design. A ramp was built to simulate ice falling from a roof. It was built with a trap door so that ice chunks could be loaded onto the ramp and then released onto the shelter.

In dynamic testing, the shelter was shown to withstand the impact calculated to more than 4,000lbs of ice chunks weighing approx. 22 lbs each and traveling a little under 30 miles per hour - from a 29 foot high roof.

For static testing, a shelter was put

under static load of almost two and a half tons, and it only deformed elastically about half an inch. There was no permanent deformation or any other damage to the shelter .

Our covers are designed to satisfy the necessary requirements by adhering to the information and guidelines provided by participating utility companies. Those requirements consisted of a cover having a legitimate snow load capacity, ft lbs requirements, side encroachment to the meter, snow and ice creep as well as frontal impacts causing burial due to drifting or accumulating snow.

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